Notes from the TMA — February 20, 2018

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Hit the Target!

Archery Competition Concessions 

A message from the Vice President:

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great start to the February vacation. For the last couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of visiting all of the junior and senior high band and chorus rooms. It is quite evident that the directors and students have been working hard. They sounded great and I can only imagine how fantastic they will sound in the spring!  The talent we have in our district never ceases to amaze me.

During my visits, you might be just as surprised as I was to learn that well over 95% of these students have been directly impacted by funds raised through the TMA! Wow! What is also amazing is these groups I visited didn’t even include the additional students in marching band, or the three show choir groups, or those who participate in our high school musicals!  Thank you to all of you who support the TMA by becoming members, providing donations and volunteering. These 500+ music and performing arts students are so lucky to have a supportive community!  Sue


It’s almost here! Our BIGGEST fundraiser…February 23–25…TMA concessions at the national archery tournament right at Tantasqua HS. We are still in need of volunteers needed.

We have scaled-back the number of volunteers that we have requested in prior years; however, we still need 80 volunteers! We need dishwashers, servers, runners, food preparers, set up/breakdown crew members, cashiers and cooks. (Cooks need not to be actual chefs, but rather adults able to help prepare and heat/cook prepared foods.) If anyone is ServSafe certified, this is a bonus.  Those with this certification will allow us to defray some of our costs, which means more funds going to our students!

We need both adults and students! Come have some fun and any amount of time you can volunteer will be much appreciated. You’ll likely see people you know, and probably make some new friends as well!

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