TMA Welcome Letter🎼 — September 19, 2016

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Hello and welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. I am so excited to also welcome you to another great year of fundraising and activities with the Tantasqua Music Association (TMA)! This year looks to be amazing! We cannot wait to see what the music students do this year!

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself.  My name is Jamie Olander. My family and I have been active participants with the TMA for the last few years. As president I hope to expand upon the great effort over the last 30 years of the TMA to support the music suite.

I would like thank Lindsay Ewing, Sue Davey, Michelle Ewing, and Rom Portwood for serving as the executive board in 2015-2016.  Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped the TMA give over $17,000 to the music programs at both the Tantasqua junior high and highschool! That is amazing and I am excited to continue and expand this for the upcoming year. We have our regular fundraising planned and are hoping to introduce some new fundraisers in the upcoming year.

Sue Davey is excited to return as the Vice President. She has learned so much in this position last year and met so many wonderful people who share her passion for the music program. Sue is looking forward to another successful year for the TMA and music programs!

Our current treasurer and secretary have graciously extended their terms over the summer; however, we are seeking replacements for these positions as soon as possible. Please consider volunteering to serve as TMA treasurer or secretary. This commitment serves to make the music programs even better.

We are looking forward to seeing at our first meeting on September 27 at 6:30pm in the Tantasqua Regional Junior High School library. Please join us and find out how you can support the music program for this year. Thank you so much for your support. Please visit to learn more. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact me at or phone (413) 530-4148. Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Jamie Olander