January 18, 2024 Minutes

Tantasqua Music Association
Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2024 (6:30PM – 8:30PM)
(Meeting rescheduled from Tuesday, January 16, 2024 due to snow day cancellation.)

Kelly Vosnakis
Ed Boyce
Eileen DeMings
Sarah Pataky
Nicole Jyringi
Cadence Boyce
Cheryle Reeve
Rob Raymond


  • Introduction of Cadence Boyce
    • Volunteering 200 hours to the TMA for her college program requirements
    • Focusing on the TMA logo design and updating the TMS website

Secretary Position

  • Introduction of Nicole Jyringi as Secretary of the TMA


  • Treasurer
    • The Junior High Winter concert flower and candy sale was successful
    • Pizza for Band was successful and appreciated
    • $1000 to Show Choir
    • PLP increase to allow for extra lessons
    • Expenses are in line; however, there is a deficit for 2023-2024
      • Looking to correct that for next year
      • Meat Raffle coming up will be a big fundraiser
        • Might bring in $4,000-$6,000 to reverse deficit

Private Lesson Program (PLP)

  • Lessons approved for HS Band, HS Voice/Chorus, JHS Band, & JHS Chorus
    • Lots of interest around audition season (Districts, Fall Play, SC Holiday Show, etc…)
  • Positive reviews from teachers
    • Building a strong music culture and program
  • Figuring out ways to streamline the process
    • New Google Form idea
  • There is a waitlist now for the rest of 2023-2024
    • Possibly 1 or 2 may open up, once all requests are finalized

Scholarship Committee

  • Senior Scholarship for $1500
    • Opens on February 9 through March 11
    • Need volunteers to review applications
      • Avoid junior & senior parents, so it is fair for all students
      • Try to get volunteers who have done it before so they know how to run the application process
        • Sarah and/or Eileen will research who served on the committee previously
        • 4-6 member committee
        • There is a rubric with a point system to assess candidates fairly
    • Award will be presented by Sarah at Class Night

Ice Cream Social

  • For the All Region Concerts
    • TMA sponsors and serves about 125 students at the end of the rehearsal
  • Date
    • Will have to find out specific dates to plan the socials
      • Band
        • March 20th rehearsal?
        • April 10th performance?

Tantasqua Show Choir Spectacular

  • February 10th – All day
  • Kristin Leo invited the TMA to have a table set up
    • Cadence & Sarah will be there all day
    • Volunteers for specific times after performances
    • Table with information throughout the day


  • In need of a volunteer to update FB on TMA events
  • Sarah will post on FB for a volunteer

Cadence Presentation

  • TMA Logo
    • Slideshow presentation of various logo designs
      • Important to have a new logo that incorporated all aspects of the performing arts programs at TRHS.
    • Cadence hand drew TMA designs, most with a theater curtain framing the logo
    • Cindy Capillo also created logos, with four squares containing an image representing band, drama, show choir, and chorus
    • Leadership will narrow down three choices
      • Cadence will create a Google Form for an online poll 
      • Everyone can vote on the new logo
      • Use logo for merch for the Meat Raffle & for volunteers to wear shirts
  • Website
    • Current site on Weebly
    • New site Cadence is building on WordPress
      • Costs to be determined when TMA decides on a host
        • WordPress is $25/month, if you pay yearly 
        • Security features are the benefit of paying WordPress
      • Nonprofits may be able to get a reduced rate
      • Adding in a Google Calendar
        • Whenever the Calendar is updated, it will automatically update on the website
      • Possible link from TRHS website to TMA site?
    • Content
      • Front page:
        • About us
        • TMA Poster
        • Calendar
        • Menu that links to other pages about each ensemble, PLP, donations, and newsletter
        • Navigation Sidebar
          • Join
          • Volunteer
          • Sponsors – links to sponsors’ websites
          • Contact
          • PayPal or Venmo
            • Watch nonprofit status when collecting money
            • Watch transaction fees
          • FaceBook logo
          • Possible Instagram?
            • Dr. Dufresne’s expressed the idea of asking Tech & CAD to take pictures and video of concerts and performances and post them on social media
  • Cadence shared her email:  cadenceboyce@bennington.edu and the logo slideshow presentation on Google Drive
  • Cadence is working on a beta site as a trial website before it goes live
    • She will let TMA know when it is ready to trial before going public

Meat Raffle

  • Saturday, March 9th from 2:30PM – 7:00PM at the Sturbridge Host & Conference Center
    • In-person event
    • Set-up at 2:00PM
    • CAD & Kristin Wilmarth can print flyers
    • Need a chair of the event and volunteers
  • At event:
    • Six tables of about 6-8 pieces of meat
      • Sell tickets for first table, pull first number, then winner gets to choose first piece of meat.  Then, pull second raffle number, and winner gets to choose their piece of meat, etc…. 
      • Each table will run for about 15 minutes
    • Music
      • TJ Belton will be the emcee
      • Band ensemble at the beginning from about 2:30-3:00
      • Chorus?
        • JHS and/or HS?
      • Show Choir performance?
      • Will have to determine the schedule and ask teachers/advisors for that time
    • Meat
      • Lilac Ridge Farm
        • Providing 2 packages of meat at 20% off for TMA
    • Raffle Tickets
      • Big tickets that have 20 tabs
      • Other tickets for $5 for big ticket items
      • There may be some older TMA raffle tickets that could be used
    • Schedule
      • Develop a schedule for the music and to advertise at the dance competition also held at the Sturbridge Host at the same time
    • Donations
      • Google Sheets
        • Sarah & Nicole have been asking businesses for donations
        • Donations (so far) from
          • WooSox
          • Railers
          • Sadie Green’s
          • Bayberry Bowling
  • Meat Raffle in Spencer
    • On February 27, 2024
    • Going to see how theirs is run
  • Invite junior high programs also